Hellcat Speeder Says He Was Driving 158 Mph To Cheer His Friend Up, Still Gets Arrested

Christopher Garza was taken to jail and had his $65,000 Hellcat impounded over speeding, but it was all worth it, according to him.

The 30-year-old from Chicago was taking his friend out in his 707 horsepower Challenger to show it off. He drover through a speed trap at 158 miles per hour around 1:30 AM, and he knew he was done for when he spotted the State Trooper.

After he was pulled over, he explained to the officer that he friend is a wounded vet and wanted to cheer him up with a highway pull, but that wasn’t a good enough excuse. Garza was arrested, released on bail, and is currently awaiting trial.

“I’ll deal with the consequences.” Garza to Fox News