Nurse Gets Pregnant After Not Washing Her Hands

A fertility center nurse, in charge of managing the sperm bank, got accidentally pregnant after not washing her hands properly after manipulating some samples.

The strange incident happened two weeks ago. C.M was carrying out her tasks like in any other day, but she made a mistake: After grabbing and storing some samples, she didn’t wash her hands as recommended by the security protocol. Later, she felt a call by nature and went innocently to the bath room and the rest is history.

The young single lady, which hadn’t had recent relationships, freaked out when she found out that she was pregnant because she was sure that it was impossible. After a few tests, doctors found a coincidence with a sample of her job, which demonstrated that she was reckless and irresponsible.

“I recognize it. I put my foot in it. Well, in this case, my finger. It won’t happen again.”