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Police Red-Faced After Seven-Hour Standoff At Empty House

Police have been left red-faced after embarking on a seven-hour standoff outside a Melton house west of Melbourne, only to discover no-one was inside. Police...
Christmas Suits

Dobell Launched Christmas Suits That Look Like Gift Wrap

If you've ever wanted to look like you've been gift-wrapped, without actually being gift-wrapped, it's your lucky day -- a British suit company has...

Man charged with shooting corncobs at neighbor’s home

A 50-year-old Westerly man is charged with shooting corncobs at his neighbor's home. The Westerly Sun reports ( ) that Jeffrey Osella was arrested Tuesday...
monkey business

Monkey Causes Countrywide Power Outage In Kenya

A monkey has caused a countrywide power outage in the East African nation of Kenya, a spokesperson of national electricity provider KenGen said Wednesday. The...
Eat Out More Often

Eat Out More Often

Flintstones Car Slapped With Parking Ticket

Flintstones Car Slapped With Parking Ticket

Barney Rubble and Fred Flintstone were nowhere to be seen as officials left a violation sticker on the prehistoric vehicle. The owner of a replica...