Guest was filming the bride on her phone when she fell over and broke part of the aisle

A bride was forced to halt her walk down the aisle after a wedding guest fell and blocked her route to the alter.

The woman lost her balance after appearing to lean on some of the wedding decorations while filming the ceremony on her phone.

Footage of the mishap shows the woman scrambling to fix a floral fence that fell down with her to clear the bride’s path.

Several others can be seen on the red carpet rushing to pick up flowers that had become dislodged as well as what appears to be soil.

The guest, who is wearing a long red dress, eventually picks herself up as other guests watch on.

The bride and her father meanwhile appear to take the whole thing in good spirit and continue their walk down the aisle after it has been unblocked.

The video has been watched tens of thousands of times on Instagram after it was shared yesterday by the account Wedding Ideas and Brides.

It was unclear where the footage was filmed.

Most of those watching the awkward footage were sympathetic with one viewer commenting “Hope the bride has forgiven her”