Top 20 Successful Athletes Who Are Now Completely Broke

Evander Holyfield

The average salary for an NFL player who has only played for one year is $510,000 a year. For the NHL player who only has one year under his belt it’s $525,000 and for the NBA, it’s $845,059. But when they think they’re bigger than life, start meddling with drugs or give their money to the wrong people. Some of these athletes were veterans in the sport and were paid millions and still find a way to flush all their hard earned cash down the drain.

Here are some of the top professional athletes who went from mountains of cash to completely penniless.


10. Bill Buckner

Estimated earnings: $10 Million

Winner of the 1980 National League batting title and best known for helping the Boston Red Sox lose the 1986 World Series, the former baseball player saw an economic low in 2008 when he declared bankruptcy after his car dealership failed.