A BIZARRE video shows a man with hair that is a staggering 62ft long – forcing him to carry it on his arm or wear it as a hat.

The 60-year-old hasn’t officially been crowned as the record holder for the world’s longest hair but he is certainly in the running for it.

In the clip, Savjibhai Rathwa, is seen walking around his village with his hair wrapped around his arm.

He takes extra care over his diet to ensure his locks get the nutrition they need to stay healthy.

He only eats vegetarian, home-cooked meals and tries to avoid spicy food.

“When out on work, I survive on fruits only. I never ever take outside food,” Savjibhai said.

After washing his hair for three hours every other day, he goes to the fields to dry it.

While his grandchildren stretch out his locks in the Sun, he sits quietly in the shadow of a tree, smoking his water-pipe.

So far Rathwa has been brushing aside suggestions of applying for a Guinness World Record for having the world’s longest hair, but he seems to have changed his mind.

“I intend to apply for it if someone calls me to help with the proceedings,” he said.

Fortunately, a local non-profit organisation has agreed to help him with all the documentation.

If he successfully applies he is in with a good chance of winning the title.

His hair is more than double the length of Chinese man Tran Van Hay, who died in 2010 and had a 22ft-long hair.