Hungry Woman Crowd-Funds For Her Next Taco Binge

With so many problems around the world, it can be difficult to determine where to send one’s charitable donations. But consider this: A Raleigh, N.C., woman wants to eat tacos on Friday, and she needs your help. Now that you know her plight, help Rachel Hirsh overcome her taco-less existence.

Hirsh has started a GoFundMe campaign (campaign has been removed from GoFundMe) to raise capital for the tacos that she longs to eat. After initially setting a modest goal, she has since raised the bar to $250 based on the inspiring outreach from her charitable supporters. As of this posting, 12 people have donated $269. As Hirsh says in her latest update for the campaign, “Think of all the chips and guac.”

“I really want to get tacos on Friday,” Hirsh says. “But like, really good ones, and a lot of them. Maybe from Fiction Kitchen or Chubby’s. I am a musician and sometimes put effort into promoting myself. I hustle here and there.”

If the above information doesn’t have you reaching for your wallet, surely the following video will.