‘Batman’ Arrested For Stealing Cash From Tourists

This was the moment a man in a Batman outfit was arrested at a world famous tourist attraction after allegedly snatching money from a sightseer.

The man has been accused of stealing $50 (£35) while dressed as the crime fighting superhero near New York’s Times Square on Wednesday evening.

Police said he was posing for pictures with two tourists in the square when he allegedly swiped the cash and dashed off, according to the New York Post.

He was arrested by police nearby shortly afterwards.

The picture was shared on Twitter by the user A Better Times Square, who said: “A dark night for Gotham when fake Batman is led away in cuffs.”

Police have reportedly been cracking down on the shifty behaviour of some people posing as superheroes or sci-fi characters in Times Square in recent months.

People dressed as Darth Vader, Iron Man and Minnie Mouse are among those who have faced criticism or even arrest.