Hilarious Hookup Photobomb

Hilarious Hookup Photobomb

Huge props to the news reporter for not letting this hilarious prank break his concentration. You can tell he almost turned around a couple...

Most Embarrassing Photo Blunders People Made When Selling Things Online

When selling something on eBay , the site helpfully provides some guidelines so you can make the most out of your sale. First, include as...

Scorned Wife Slices Off Her Cheating Husband’s Penis With A Boxcutter

A wife sliced her husband’s penis almost clean off with a boxcutter after she found out he was cheating on her with her best...

Sexism Outcry Over Pink EXTRA WIDE Parking Spaces For Women

The picture posted online of one of the spaces, with pink lines and a female icon painted on the ground, has sparked a feminist...

Tenants Find Out Why Their Clothes Smell Of Urine

Tenants called complaining that when they used the dryer, their clothes smelled like urine.

What Happends When A Lap Dance Goes Horribly Wrong

This is what happens when a raunchy lap dance goes horribly wrong for stag after exotic performer performs a risky move

Flight Delayed After Passenger Reports Professor’s Math Equations as Suspicious

An Ivy League professor writing math equations on a plane was inadvertently involved in a flight delay on Thursday when another passenger reported his activity as...

Lindt Lindor Chocolate Sabotage Woman Sentenced

A woman who replaced chocolates with small objects such as rubber balls, marbles and conkers has been sentenced. Wendy Purser, 55, wrapped the objects in...

Hula Hoop Girl